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Bronzed Cowbird Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

Bronzed Cowbird ©jmillerphoto.com

Welcome to the new home of my blog.  I was located somewhere else for a long time, but after much contemplation I decided that this was going to be a better avenue than my previous provider.

Many of you have followed me since my time in Iceland.  Others followed my doings at my Texas Photo Blinds blog.  And likely some of you are just finding me.  Regardless of when or where, I say to each of you welcome.

So who am I?  I am a semi-professional photographer more or less based out of San Angelo, Texas.  The more or less is completely at the whim of my employer and sadly these days it is less rather than more.

Iceland is my first love when it comes to photography.  I was blessed to spend parts of 8 years in the Land of Fire and Ice and much of my photography reflects the lessons learned while eating lamb dogs and drinking over-priced Víking beer.  My primary targets of interest in Iceland were churches and I was blessed to have the opportunity to do an exhibition of those images in San Angelo in late Fall 2008.

Texas got me back to doing more nature-related shots.  Birds, butterflies, and dragonflies became my primary photographic subjects, though I certainly did enough mammal images and a little bit of landscape work.  I get back whenever I can to do more work, as well as provide updates for the aforementioned blind blog.

So why is this blog here?  Really for four purposes:

  1. To tell you what I’ve been shooting lately and sharing the stories of those travels
  2. To tell you where my work will be on display or for sale
  3. To let you know when I add new images to my online presence as well as new or continuing projects I am working on, and
  4. To answer your questions as they come up.

So thank you for taking a couple of minutes to look around and I hope you are a regular visitor.


~ by Jim Miller on Friday, 13 November 2009.

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