New Image: Yellow Row Boat Landscape

© - Yellow Rowboat Landscape

I just put this up on my online gallery and is available immediately for sale.  It is an image that I’ve struggled with over the years.  I love the image, but getting it properly cropped on an 8×10 format has always proven to be troubling at best.

A few notes about the image… This was from our final trip to northern Iceland.  Being stationed out of the Reykjanes Peninsula, it was always much easier to go south than it was to go north.  Making it up Road 1 through the tunnel under Whale Bay and then past Akranes, Borgranes, and then up to Staðarskali seemed like a 4 hour expedition, not to mention the 1,000 ÍSK toll that had to be paid going through the tunnel both ways.  So when we went north, we typically had to make lodging arrangements so as to see as much as we could before making the trip back.

We were staying at this place, trying to enjoy ourselves as well as getting some photography in, and the weather up was horrible.  I was thinking to myself that this would be an expensive wasted trip.  The following morning the weather had passed and this was literally sitting right under my nose.  I had seen it the night before, but the morning sun, calm winds, and the passing clouds made for a pretty image.  Unfortunately I could not travel much more backward without getting a building into the image or having my back on that building.  The image was made with my 24mm 2.8 lens–widest lens I had at the time before picking up my 17-40L.  With the 1.6x multiplier for the smaller sensor, this really came out at what film would have seen with a 35mm lens.

Anyhow, is available online in sizes up to 11×14.

~ by Jim Miller on Friday, 27 November 2009.

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