Preview of Coming Attractions

© - Hvalsneskirkja

I have a steady pipeline of images starting to make it out over the next couple of weeks leading into the holidays.  It is an interesting mix of Iceland images from towards the end of my time there and some of the images I made in early 2009.  The next 2 to make their debuts will be images from Iceland, with a church (though not the one to the right–it is all ready there) and a mammal due out next.  Then the scene will shift to Texas for a few birds.

After that, I’m not really sure.  I have a significant library of images that I have never really done a systematic search through to see what would work well online. Effectively I have three different queues of images that I am going through: film images from really deep in my library (1997-2004), digital images from Iceland (2004-2006), and digital images from throughout the US but primarily Texas (2006-2009).  Which queue I choose really depends on my mood.

Part of why I’ve not gone through such a library search is that my last online sales vehicle (who shall remain nameless) made it really painful to get images up and watermarked and ready for sale.  SmugMug has made things incredibly easy in this regard–once I have an image that I am happy with, all I have to do is upload it and they take care of the rest.

So the pipeline should be flowing really well over the next few weeks until Spring rolls around and I can go out and do the shooting I like to do.


~ by Jim Miller on Tuesday, 1 December 2009.

2 Responses to “Preview of Coming Attractions”

  1. Hi Jim,
    In reference to SmugMug, the only think I don’t like is that anyone who wishes to do so, can print the pictures. It’s too easy for someone to ignore copyrighted photos. I know, I printed a couple right off the website. Bob Zeller

    • Hi Bob
      It is one of the downsides with SmugMug. If the photographer does not take the proper steps (or does not care), s/he can truly give away the cow for free. But SmugMug does provide tools like watermarking and size limiting that keeps one’s intellectual property somewhat under wraps. It is a good point as well as a trail for a few more points. Sounds like a potential future blog posting.

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