New Image: Icelandic Chestnut Mare

© - Icelandic Chestnut Mare

The last of the Icelandic images for a little while, this image has been posted to the SmugMug site.  This image of and Icelandic mare of a distinct chestnut color was shot somewhere in northern Iceland.

I am very fond of the Icelandic breed of horse.  Many people mistaken call them ponies, which they are most certainly not.  They are diminutive in terms of height, averaging around 13-13.5 hands.  They are very stocky and sturdy, able to handle a landscape that is hardly ever just even plains and gentle meadows.  They are very friendly horses and I understand most are very compliant and gentle in terms of disposition, but not very gentle in terms of ride quality.  They are unique for many other reasons, but there are certainly better and more informative sites than this one to chronicle how the Icelandic breed is special.

They have been nice enough to mug for my camera over the years and I’ve been pleased with the images that I have made.  This one is certainly not much of a portrait shot, and in this way it shows a more natural image.

As with all of my images, it is available up to 11×14.

~ by Jim Miller on Saturday, 5 December 2009.

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