New Image: Male Northern Cardinal

© - Male Northern Cardinal

Keeping things equal opportunity in this neck of the woods, the next image on the SmugMug site is this male Northern Cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis), perched on a tree during the winter of 2009.  This image was also shot in west central Texas.

You can see more readily in the male version of the bird that this bird has gone through their annual molt not too long before this shot was made because you can see the extensive amount of gray in the feathers on his back and on his wings.  By the time this bird goes through the winter, rubbing up against brush and tree branches and the like, all of that gray on the tips of the feathers will be whisked away and come spring he will have his stereotypical bright red plumage on full display.

As with all of my images, this one is available in sizes up to 11×14, but if you want to go to 16×20, just let me know and I’ll adjust the site to make it happen.

~ by Jim Miller on Wednesday, 9 December 2009.

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