Back to the grind…

© - Spotted Towhee

How can two weeks go so quickly???  Oh yes, it is because there was more to do than time to do it in.

I logged a grand total of 28 minutes making images while I was back in Texas.  Yes, 28 minutes.  From the first image I shot to the last one was a total of 28 minutes.  But it may have been the most relaxing 28 minutes I had during the entire 17 days.  Weather seemed to come in two varieties while I was back in San Angelo–either bright and sunny or water falling from the sky.

On the day I did get out, the sky conditions were perfect at 7 am while I was taking the dog for a walk.  By 8 am the clouds and fog had moved away and there was nothing but bright skies.  Again.

But as noted, it was relaxing sitting in the blind and watching the variety of birds.  Shots, understandably, weren’t very good.  One or two of the 100 I shot were okay, but nothing that will be on anybody’s wall any time soon.  I did get my first image of a Meadowlark, but at the distance I was at it was good enough to identify, but certainly not good enough to print.

So here we are.  Again.

On the initial agenda will be going through older images and making them available online.  Finishing the reconstruction of the Pictures from Iceland site is also a priority.  And of course, if weather in my current neck of the woods cooperates, so is a little bit of image making.


~ by Jim Miller on Monday, 4 January 2010.

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