New Image: Turf Building and Waterfall

© - Turf Building and Waterfall

Another piece of Iceland for your viewing pleasure today.  This turf covered building was on the farm Núpsstaður in southern Iceland.

This farm building is covered in sod as many of the buildings traditionally were “back in the day.”  The reason for this was many fold, but revolved around the fact that building materials (i.e. wood) were not easy to come by.  Historically, the main infrastructure of this building was likely constructed of driftwood.   I am horribly over simplifying, but the law of the land was that the farm owners took turns in being able to collect the wood off the beach.  This meant limited opportunities to gather wood which didn’t exactly show up on the beach every day.  Given these constraints, wood for the main structure was most important, but other parts could be made with those things that were most readily available and adequate to the job.  In this case, sod for the roof.  In addition to it being readily available, the sod acted as a natural insulator, keeping the inhabitants warmer.

In the background, a minor waterfall is coming off the side of the cliff.  In the very foreground, inside of the door, is a Redwing, trying to keep prying eyes out of what undoubtedly was a nesting area for young offspring.

As always, this image is available for sale in sizes up to 11×14.

~ by Jim Miller on Tuesday, 26 January 2010.

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