New Image: Redwing

© - Redwing

Another new image has been placed in the gallery to start the month of March off right.  This time it is a bit of a flashback to Iceland, but for once it is a bird image that is not a puffin.

This time it is an image of a Redwing (Turdus iliacus).  This image was made the same day as the image of the Wood Cranes-bill from Wednesday’s posting and within ten or fifteen minutes of both the Sod Church at Núpsstaður and the Turf Building and Waterfall.  As I have said before, this was likely my most productive day of shooting in all of the time that I was in Iceland–probably a dozen or so keepers that day though this is not one that I currently have on the walls of the abode.

If you look closely at the Turf Building and Waterfall image, you will see this bird in the opening of the door.  In terms of sequence, I shot the Turf Building first, then the church, came back and found that the Redwing was still there.  So I swapped lenses and fired away.  My guess is that this bird was “protecting” a nest that was inside the building.

As with all of my images, this one is available in sizes up to 11×14.


~ by Jim Miller on Tuesday, 2 March 2010.

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