Hitting the mute button for a short pause…

©jmillerphoto.com - Bronzed Cowbird

It is that time of year again.  Really, that time of the quarter again.  As I have discussed before, I am a full-time student in grad school.  Today technically marks the end of instruction before the start of finals week.  The reality is that I have a take-home final sitting to the side of my monitor, just begging to be worked on.  So I guess finals week has all ready started for me.

So with that, I will press the mute button over here for a couple of weeks.  Priorities are priorities, and the dollars being spent on my education need to take precedence.  A week of finals, then a week of resolving some hunnadews (with maybe some photography sprinkled in), and then I’ll turn it up live again.

The really good news is that the weather in my temporary home has begun to warm up.  By the time classes begin again, spring will hopefully have sprung and I’ll be adding some new images to the mix as well.

As always, I can be contacted via comments on the blog…

~ by Jim Miller on Friday, 12 March 2010.

One Response to “Hitting the mute button for a short pause…”

  1. Great photo of the Bronzed Cowbird. I’ve gotten behind in my visits to you blog. Sorry. Where does time go?? Bob

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