Volcano Eruption at Eyjafjallajökull

Under the heading of see what happens when I try to take a couple of weeks off from the blog, I have had a question or two come to me from my Picture From Iceland site (and a very healthy increase in traffic) regarding the eruption of the volcano at Eyjafjallajökull, so let me tell you what I know and where this volcano is in relation to some of the images that I have made.

Eyjafjallajökull is in the southern part of the island.  Breaking down the Icelandic, it is roughly translated as the glacier on Mt. Eyja.  In the Visitor’s Key to Iceland (7th edition), Eyjafjallajökull is listed at 1,666m (or about 5450 ft for the non-metrically inclined).  Since settlement times, this volcano has erupted twice before, with the last one being in 1812.

For those who have travelled to Iceland and have done the South Coast waterfall tour, the glacier on top of that mountain is the glacier that feeds both the Seljandsfoss and Skógafoss waterfalls. Normally this is where I would insert images of both of these waterfalls, but I am on the road right now and do not have access to my image library.

The nearest village to the volcano is Skógar, where there is both a very nice little museum, lodging, and a campground.  If memory serves, there is also a small landing strip not far from the village.

Iceland Review is doing a very good job of sharing information regarding the eruption, to include the impact to the farmers in the area. CNN had some video of the eruption (provided by Icelandic national TV).

Strictly as an outsider, my concerns are also for the numerous farmers in the area, the folk museum at Skógar, and the hiking trails above Skógafoss.

Update/Addendum:  The Volcanism Blog has a very good recap of all that is going on with the eruption.

~ by Jim Miller on Monday, 22 March 2010.

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