Finally!!! Some quality time outdoors!!!

© - Tree Swallow

Today was an outstanding day.  As I was rolling into the weekend I realized that an amazing thing was about to happen:  No homework was due on Monday.  All of my “chores” could be finished on Saturday (when the weather was supposed to be awful) and Sunday was looking like an outstanding day.  Holy cow! I could pull my camera out and spend a couple of hours Sunday morning making images before I locked myself into prep reading for the following week.  Wow.  Let’s do it.

So this morning I spent a couple of hours hiking at Possum Creek Metropark in the western part of Dayton.  What drew me to this Metropark rather than to one of the others in the area was that on the map of the park there was a spot labeled “Bird Blind.”  I love shooting from bird blinds and I figured worst case I would at least see what was out there and then wander through other parts of the park.  The blind had promise, but bird traffic was slow–likely because there are many other sources of food elsewhere (primarily flying protein–bugs) and partly because there were no feeders up when I was out there.  But aside from that minor disappointment, it was a good morning to be out and about.  I added 2 birds to my life list and made a couple images of one of those – the Tree Swallow (Tachycineta bicolor).

I was hoping to find a few butterflies or dragonflies, but no such luck.  There were a few wildflowers, but not nearly the numbers I was hoping for.  But it was a good walk and it was good to have the camera out again.  A good walk on a good morning with a camera in the hand–wow, that’s something I’ve waited to say for weeks.

~ by Jim Miller on Sunday, 9 May 2010.

One Response to “Finally!!! Some quality time outdoors!!!”

  1. Beautiful closeup!

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