Lightroom 3.0 Released!

My digital darkroom is getting a major remodeling today.  Adobe has finally released Lightroom 3.0.  It has been in a public beta for an extended period of time and I have used it off and on since the public release.  I am a legacy Lightroom 1.x user and I am a “skip a version” user when it comes to Adobe products-Adobe’s “Major” version number updates are typically not enough to get me to make the jump, but there is enough change every two versions to make me jump ship and engage the learning curve again. I am also using Adobe Photoshop CS3 so I am about to upgrade to both CS5 and LR3 at the same time.

Things I like moving from LR 1.x to LR 3.0:

  • Dual screen support:  Admittedly this was available in LR 2.x, but since I didn’t make the jump I didn’t have it.  Then again, I wasn’t running dual screen on my computer either, so having the capability wasn’t much of a selling point for me.
  • Graduated ND filter:  Again, this was something that was in LR 2.x, but it was not nearly as smooth or useful as the current edition.
  • Plug-in Support for Flickr and SmugMug:  This is a gee whiz, but it’s a nice gee whiz.  For folks who want to throw the initial images out on Flickr to share with family and friends, this is a nice feature.  For studio work, I can see a great deal of good to be had by being able to push directly to SmugMug or other providers so that event images can be processed quickly and made available for customers.
  • Tethered Shooting:  For studio and event shooters, this is an incredible feature.  If clients can see what the shot looks like before they leave, they can provide feedback and re-shoots can be done on the spot rather than later.  Happy clients should equal more sales.
  • New Slide Show Mechanism:  Great improvement from previous attempts.  This could eliminate or greatly reduce my reliance on software packages like Pinnacle’s Studio.  I can’t wait to fully explore this one.

So it’s Christmas morning for me and I can’t wait to open up my gift.  After I get some clarification from Adobe, I will probably be buying this afternoon and I’m looking forward to being creative with some new tools.


~ by Jim Miller on Tuesday, 8 June 2010.

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