Preview of Coming Attractions…

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The blog will continue to be a little busier over the next couple of weeks as I seem to have (somewhat) found my life again (for now).

As I am finding opportunities to make images, I will share them as Photo Shoot reports.  These are designed to help get inside my head a little bit about where I’m going, what I’m shooting, and thus what you can expect to see in terms of images over the weeks and months to come.  I’m obviously on a dragonfly and damselfly kick lately, but along with the odonata I am also catching other targets of opportunity and will talk about those as well.

For those of you who are getting tired of the dragons and damsels, be comforted by two things.  First, they stop flying once autumn approaches 🙂  And second, I am still digging through the library and bringing out birds, butterflies, and Icelandic images that have been collecting digital dust while I’ve been trying to shove a Masters degree into an aged brain like mine.

In the short term, here is what is in the queue with publication dates TBD (and not necessarily in this order):

– Photo Shoot:  July 3rd at Spring Valley

– New Image:  Female Ruby Meadowhawk Dragonfly

– Photo Shoot: July 5th at Spring Valley

– Reflections:  How can I keep shooting?  I only have 36 images left on the card?

As always, your comments are welcome and desired.  Thanks for taking the time…

~ by Jim Miller on Tuesday, 6 July 2010.

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