Photo Shoot Report: July 3rd @ Spring Valley WA

© - Female Blue Fronted Dancer Damselfly

With homework taken care of, reading up to date, and household chores knocked out, I allowed myself to go out and do some shooting Saturday morning.  My plan was get an early start, go out to Spring Valley Wildlife Area while it was still cool, shoot for a couple of hours, and then drive out to one of the Metroparks to shoot something a little bit different.  Ten minutes down the road from my home away from home I realized that I had not put my memory card back into my camera and I did not have any spares on me after some photo gear rearranging I made in Texas.  A quick u-turn, many expletives, and one memory card later, I was back on my way to Spring Valley.

Once I got out to Spring Valley I found some great photography opportunities.  I stopped first at the boardwalk parking area and scoured the brush for dragonflies, damselflies, and other targets of opportunity.  There were a few dragonflies up and moving, but they were mostly things I all ready had pictures off.  It didn’t keep me from firing off some exposures, but I figured it was time to move to the south end of the lake.

Down at the south end, the subject matter was a little more varied and lot more populated.  I walked a good distance along the side of the lake and encountered a wide variety of both dragonflies and damselflies.  I also managed a few bird shots, to include Great Blue Herons (though sadly with unusable light) and a male Northern Cardinal (with way too much light) who made a quick swoop before he realized that I was there.  After two hours of shooting, I looked down at my frame counter and saw that I had on 36 images left on my memory card.  Now that was a productive morning of shooting.

I contemplating off-loading the images and then returning to my original plan, but it was getting hotter than I could tolerate and I knew that I had a lot of work to do to meta-tag and sort through 500+ images.

Of that set, you will definitely see at least a couple of them in the galleries for your consumption.

~ by Jim Miller on Wednesday, 7 July 2010.

One Response to “Photo Shoot Report: July 3rd @ Spring Valley WA”

  1. Beautiful macro shot!

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