Scaling back the Shoot Reports…

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I’ve decided that for the near future I am going to scale back the Photo Shoot reports.  I’m still going out to make images.  I’m just going to be a little less verbose about it.

So in keeping with that, over the last week or so I haven’t shot a lot.  In an attempt to get some fresh air and maybe make some images I went out last Friday afternoon.  Fresh air was good.  Had a great conversation with a local photographer.  But the pictures, well, did I mention the fresh air and the local photographer?

I tried to get out into the fresh air in hopes it would kick me in the backside a bit.  There’s been a cold floating around where I am going to school and it has slapped me around pretty good.  I tried to do a little work on Sunday morning, but after just a short amount of time I was back in the car wondering what the heck I was thinking.

With the academic quarter coming to a close and projects, reports, and finals on the horizon, I expect that photography will take it’s rightful seat well in the back until September comes around.  September will involve a lot of writing and researching.  Hopefully a day or two out and about making images if I’m lucky.  If not, then it means winter will be setting in and we’ll be back into hibernation mode until spring, graduation, and a new set of adventures to follow.

Additional news on the horizon about a post-graduation photo exhibit.  So as always, stay tuned…

~ by Jim Miller on Thursday, 12 August 2010.

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