Recent Photo Shoots: Wow did that calendar page change quick…

© - Eastern Amberwing

Cooling temperatures are definitely in the air in this neck of the woods, and that is not a good thing for my pursuit of dragonflies.  We had overnight low temperatures dip below 60ºF (about 15ºC for the rest of the world) for the first time in months, and it has had a (wait for the pun) chilling effect on the Odonata.

Two trips this extended weekend.  One trip was to Siebenthaler Fen and the other was a day trip hitting the Possum Creek, Twin Creek, and Germantown Metroparks.  In all cases, the number of dragons is down significantly.  Species spread is still pretty good, but total quantity is down.   I still managed 821 images between the two days so obviously there’s something to make images of.

The weekend resulted in a single confirmed addition to each of my photographic life lists, that is one each for butterflies, dragonflies, and birds (Silvery Checkerspot, Band-winged Meadowhawk, and Eastern Kingbird respectively).  For me, an addition means I can identify it (sometimes with an assist from a fellow photographer and/or birder) and I hadn’t made an image of it before.  I have a couple of butterflies that I am still trying to identify and that will be my quest over the next week or so.

The weekend also resulted in a large number of Bloodhound Gang/Bad Touch/Old School Discovery Channel moments as I was constantly bombarded with photo ops that were dragonfly or damselfly reproduction in action.  I made images of at least four different species procreating (2 each dragons and damsels), and could have made far more.  Looks like a bumper crop of Odonata for next year.

I have at least two more blog entries to come in the next few days.  I have skirted my responsibility to get a sale image online which I hope to rectify.  That should be the first blog entry early in the week.  And then likely an admin one changing the shape of this blog a bit and announcing a new one.  As always, stay tuned…

~ by Jim Miller on Tuesday, 7 September 2010.

4 Responses to “Recent Photo Shoots: Wow did that calendar page change quick…”

  1. Great shot here! Thanks for the updates…looks like things are changing. I’ll look forward to seeing them.

  2. Thanks for the kind words and for stopping by… -jim

  3. Brilliant photo! I love the composition. The careful simplicity really brings out the composition. Nice!

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