Staying Between the Darn It Sticks

© - Road 85, Northeast Iceland

Staying between the darn it sticks… a skill that those of us who have lived in Iceland learned very quickly in our time there.  Darn it sticks (or other words expressing similar interjection) were mostly rigid yellow posts with reflective material at the top that were on either side of the roads in Iceland.   The tops of the sticks were cut at a 45º angle with the low end being closest to the road.  In low visibility, you could use the Darn It sticks to determine if you were still on the road.  If you were on the wrong side of the sticks, you usually uttered the word Darn It (or other words expressing similar interjection and/or disgust).

I bring this up not necessarily to reminisce about Iceland, though I’m not one to need an excuse to do that.  I bring it up because in this blog I think I’ve found myself outside of the darn it sticks.  Knowing your audience and writing things relevant to that audience is one of the keys to successful blogging.  It is the concept of audience that has brought me to this post and under my breath I’ve said “Darn it” a couple of times.

I write two blogs these days.  My original blog is Texas Photo Blinds.  It is a topic that I remain passionate about, though being somewhere other than Texas makes updating it a little more difficult.  The audience for that blog is far different from this one–typically photographers who similarly enjoy making images of birds in concealed locations and the occasional birder who enjoys the associated photography.

And then there is this blog.  I started it as an avenue to get out the word about the photographic things I am doing, whether it be places I am shooting, images I’m placing in the galleries, or places where my art is being displayed and/or being sold.

Often in the last few months other topics marginally related to photography or the subjects I am making images of has nudged into view.  They’ve been good posts, but they’ve strayed off the road a bit.  They have not always been about things directly related to the original focus on the blog, yet was related to either photography, places where I’ve lived or made images, etc.  Darn it!

So back to the road.  I want to stay on the road.  There are, and always will be instances where there is crossover of concepts, ideas, etc.  But for the most part, there are sticks to help keep me on the road for the focus of the blog and I’m going to try to stay between the sticks.

So, from this point forward I’m going to try to stay more in the sticks with this blog.  Of high priority are new images for sale, exhibits and gallery showings, and appearances on the Art Fair and Arts & Crafts Fair circuits.  I will continue to talk about photo shoots because that gives you an idea of where my photography is going and what may be on the horizon.  But I will try to keep it to short stories rather than emulations of War and Peace.  There is still a place for photographic technique, photographic philosophy, thoughts about the goings on where I am at or places I have been, but just not inside these sticks.  Of course, like members of Congress giving a speech, I reserve the right to extend and revise these remarks as necessary 🙂

About once a week or so I will discuss move discussions like those (and likely a few more) between a new set of darn it sticks at a new blog tentatively called Jim’s Assorted Usually Photographic Ramblings.  I know from e-mail correspondence that there is interest in at least a couple of those topics, but now it will be within those new set of sticks.  And the Texas Photo Blind blog will remain in tact, with some renewed vigor coming to that blog with my time in/exile to Ohio coming to an end and the anticipation that I will return to the Lone Star State this spring.

~ by Jim Miller on Monday, 13 September 2010.

One Response to “Staying Between the Darn It Sticks”

  1. Great photo! You really seem to have an eye for amazing landscape shots like this!

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