Recent Photo Shoots: Old and new again

Question Mark Butterfly - ©

© - Question Mark Butterfly

Fall is definitely creeping up on us here in the Miami Valley.  Two afternoons of shooting lately.  One was a trip back to Caesar Creek State Park and then caught Siebenthaler Fen on the way home.  Second was a trip to Sara Lee Arnovitz Nature Preserve in Xenia and then caught Siebenthaler Fen on the way home.  So the pattern is, if I go east, I always stop at the Fen on the way home 😉

First the Fen… The dragonflies that were in great abundance two weeks ago have thinned to nearly nothing.  A small number of Banded-wing Meadowhawks and Autumn Meadowhawks have taken their place.  Amphibian and reptile life has disappeared as well.  Beavers are still active but shy.  Butterfly population is steady to dropping as well.

Caesar Creek State Park also had a very small number of dragons.  Damsels, especially Blue-fronted Dancers were in great abundance at the visitor’s center pond.  A few damsels at the the program pond at the Nature Center, a few frogs, one Slaty Skimmer, one amorous Common Pondhawk pair, and a couple of butterflies.  Images at the program pond were from a distance as they have sprayed some herbicide to try to eliminate some invasive plant life.

Monarch - ©

© - Autumn Monarch

Sara Lee Arnovitz Nature Preserve was a pleasant surprise.  I wish I’d found the place earlier because I’m sure that earlier in the summer that the dragonflies were in abundance, but what was there was mostly new to me.  Decent shooting, reasonably difficult hike, and a good afternoon.

It was a good week for the life lists.  Added was a Red-bellied Woodpecker (Fen), Tennessee Warbler (Fen), Autumn Meadowhawk (Arnovitz), Blue-faced Meadowhawk (Arnovitz), Peck’s Skipper (Arnovitz), Eastern-tailed Blue (Caesar), and Common Checkered-skipper (Fen–carry over from last week).  Nice images as well of the Question Mark butterfly, Blue-fronted Dancer, Monarch, and quite a few others.

I miss the dragonfly shooting gallery, but the images have still been nice.  You will see more in the weeks to come as gallery images.


~ by Jim Miller on Wednesday, 15 September 2010.

5 Responses to “Recent Photo Shoots: Old and new again”

  1. Nice buttterfly shots, Jim


  2. That QM is brilliant. Beautiful shot!

    • Thank you, Scott. It was a rarity to see them up in the Miami Valley. I have seen quite a few down here in Texas in the last couple of weeks, though they always seem to find a way not be photogenic. Thanks for the comment.

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