Recent Photo Shoots: Disappointments…

Fragile Forktail Damselfly (female)

© - Fragile Forktail (Female, feeding)

The last couple of shoots have been disappointing.  Fall is certainly here and my summertime photo subjects have gone into hiding.  A heavier workload at school has limited my travels as well.  Two visits out to Siebenthaler Fen over the last week.  The first one started very promising–a Bronze Copper butterfly (Lycaena hyllus) was perched really nice in front of me on the boardwalk.  First creature of the day.  Looks like a great shoot.  Nope.  Murphy’s Law took over and after just 11 exposures I was headed back to the apartment to take care of some urgent business.  Unfortunately by the time I resolved the issue it was too late to go back out.

The second trip was four hours mostly wasted other than having a good walk around the fen and good conversation with some volunteers that were resolving a beaver-related issue that was threatening to flood over all of the boardwalk at the fen.  Very few flying creatures otherwise.  A little excitement with a Common Ribbon snake hiding in a water puddle formed on a section of boardwalk.  Four hours equaled about 95 exposures.  Disappointing, but oh well, a good day making images is better than a bad day doing just about anything else.

A couple of life list adds though.  I saw my first Shadow Darner (Aeshna umbrosa) dragonfly on the 2nd visit, though I did not get a good image of him.  The Bronze Copper was also a life list add.

Trying to get another image up on the galleries this week.  Busy week in my “real” occupation so we’ll see how it goes…

~ by Jim Miller on Tuesday, 21 September 2010.

2 Responses to “Recent Photo Shoots: Disappointments…”

  1. Jim, I think your photography is stunning! I love this shot as well as all of your shots! You have a gift for birds and insects. Great detail. Great color. great composition! Excellent!

  2. Thank you.

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