Recent Photo Shoots: Not so much

American Bullfrog

© - American Bullfrog

No shooting over the last week or so.  Part of it has been weather, but a lot of  it has been that I’ve just been so gosh darned busy with schoolwork and other things.  I have had some evening time to go through this summer’s bounty of images, making sure I have tagged them properly and identifying prospects for digital darkroom work as the weather cools.

Some things on the outskirts of my radar coverage…

I should have the 2011 calendar ready to go in the next month or so.  This year’s calendar will be my summer’s favorite shooting subject:  Odonata.  Most will be dragons but I will slip at least one damsel into the mix.  Working title is Mostly Dragonflies and more news as to where to order it will be coming hopefully in early October.

I have picked almost all of the images for next summer’s photography exhibit.  The theme of that one will be strictly Dragonflies.  I will keep the where and when under wraps for a little while, but the regulars probably all ready know the where.  The when is still a little squishy as I wrap up my time in Ohio and return home. The goal is to start making prints in early spring, though I’m hoping to get some Texas shooting in upon my return to supplement the images I have selected.

Provided I can find some time I have two or three more images ready to go up for sale on the galleries.  Maybe this week…  I received some great feedback regarding the last image I put up for sale from the first person other than myself that owns a copy.

Thanks for stopping by.

~ by Jim Miller on Wednesday, 29 September 2010.

2 Responses to “Recent Photo Shoots: Not so much”

  1. What a coincidence. My prototype calendar is being printed as I speak. I think it will be my best yet. But, congratulations to you for getting yours out, too.


  2. Thanks Bob. It is the third time around the block for me (4th if you count the one I contributed 11 images to a project for the Fleet & Family Support Center at Keflavík) and as the technology has gotten better it has become a much more enjoyable project each year. Good luck with yours as well.

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