Published Again…

© - Halloween Pennant Dragonfly

Just a short blurb–school is still very busy and I’m literally five minutes away from stepping back out for more, um, stuff.  But I was asked this week for permission to use one of my images by Five Rivers MetroParks–the collective name for all of the MetroParks in the greater Dayton area.  And after thinking about it (for about five seconds) I said, “Absolutely.”  The Five Rivers Metropark system has been one of the most enjoyable things about being on my 21 month exile from Texas.  I’ve always come away from one of the parks with good image opportunities.

Their crop of the image is online right now in the short slideshow on the front page of Twin Creek MetroPark.

~ by Jim Miller on Wednesday, 27 October 2010.

3 Responses to “Published Again…”

  1. Congratulations, Jim,

    It’s always nice to get published.


  2. That’s great!! Your photo is beautiful, and I love the angle of the dragonfly – congrats!!

  3. Thanks Holly & Bob


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