A quick post in between ducking bullets…

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Super busy this weekend so I wanted to do a quick post before the weekend got away from me.

One of Murphy’s Laws of Combat is A sucking chest wound is nature’s way of saying “Slow Down.” Well, a lingering wrist injury can have a similar effect.  And when you don’t listen, then it just keeps saying it louder and louder and louder until you can’t ignore it any more.  Which is where I am today.

During the summer quarter I ignored the physical pain that I was feeling during my graduate-level Stats class.  Remarkably enough, this was the only class during the last 15 months that had a significant level of note taking that had to be done with good ol’ fashioned analog methods.  But I digress…

My ignoring the pain led to, as my kids would say, an epic fail.  This led to my finally taking my carcass to  my primary care manager.  He was nice enough to hold back the requisite laughter as he directed me to be fitted for a fancy wrist brace.  This brace has my thumb immobilized for the next 8 weeks in hopes that the tendon that I have damaged and inflamed will heal/calm down on its own without needing to get a surgeon involved.  Provided that works, then my guess is that there will be additional physical and occupational therapy involved to try to once again try to train my hand to work as nature intended sans pain.

So, photography is on hold at least for this weekend.  It isn’t that I can’t make images.  I shoot almost exclusively off of tripod and monopod anyway and I have a remote shutter release that I could use that would get the job done.  But I have found myself so far behind in the normal day-to-day chores necessary to keep my residence clean and tidy that I will spend most of my Sunday catching up before I get back to the books.

I have added a post over at Jim’s Assorted, Usually Photographic, Ramblings about Life Lists.  This is a piece that I’ve been working with off-and-on over the last couple of weeks and has made for good fodder to help me relax before I fell asleep at night (hopefully it will not do the same for you, though if that is what you need and it works…).  I have also moved the entire JAUPR blog to WordPress.  There are things I like about Blogger that WordPress does not have, but in terms of ease of writing and getting the blog to look the way I want it to, WordPress is the winner hands-down.

I also added a post over at Texas Photo Blinds.  That blog will remain at Blogger (too long of a history there to move it).

A mid-term and some final i-dots and t-crosses on a paper will keep me busy this week.  Maybe some photography next weekend…

~ by Jim Miller on Sunday, 31 October 2010.

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