Give the man a hand…

Bronzed Cowbird Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

© - Bronzed Cowbird

…really, I could use one right now.

Still no overtly photographic related events in the last week or so.  School is keeping me very busy right now as I am looking directly into the eyes of my thesis (and it winked at me today…should I be worried? 😉  ).  The wrist brace is driving me nuts right now, but I know that it has to be on and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel as the quarter ends and the holidays get ready to begin.

I did a couple of blog entries over at JAUPR in the last week as I’ve had some short bits of time.  I am hoping that with this week’s mid-week holiday that I’ll be able to get away for at least a morning and make some images.

While the camera has not been in my hand, I have been planning for next year and my return to Texas.  From the reports I am reading regarding one area in particular that will be reasonably close to my projected new home, I should have no problems doubling my Odonate and butterfly life lists in just a couple of photo shoots.

On the To Do list is doing some test prints of images, working through some of this year’s photo shoots for portfolio shots, and maybe working on the Pictures from Iceland site.

~ by Jim Miller on Tuesday, 9 November 2010.

One Response to “Give the man a hand…”

  1. I really like that Bronzed Cowbird shot. Beautiful!


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