Stuck in Neutral…

© - Black-throated Sparrow

…and that describes photography this week to an exacting detail.  The hoped for photo shoot did not materialize as other school-related priorities jumped ahead of making images.  My weekend was a no-go for photography as well–Saturday became a “do everything I would normally do Saturday and Sunday” day and Sunday was reserved for some things that needed to happen before going to the hospital this morning.  The weekend extended into this morning as I went in for my procedure and have since come home.  I’m here, but the drugs they used to ensure my comfort during the procedure now have me pretty darn awake well beyond when I would normally be asleep.  Hopefully I will get some sleep before I have to return to the grind tomorrow morning.

This week I’m going to do a fraction of what I had hoped to do last week.  The phrase “Get real” has entered my vocabulary.  I will try to pull an image out of the library this week and discuss what went into making it (both on site and possibly in the digital darkroom) and why I enjoy it and/or choose to show it.

But for now, hopefully I can convince myself into some sleep so that my Tuesday is more productive than my Monday.

~ by Jim Miller on Monday, 15 November 2010.

One Response to “Stuck in Neutral…”

  1. Great shot, Jim. Take it slow…

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