Working Hard to Once Again Work Hard

Still another quick note while I’m trying to get things situated again.  If you’ve been reading my JAUPR blog, you will know that I’ve safely returned to Texas.  The nearest gator to the boat has been getting the house set up.  That task is pretty much done, down to getting the grill setup and being able to break bread with friends, new and old.

With that gator wrapped up, it is now time to get the digital darkroom up and running so I can get to work again.  That is proving to take more time than expected, but we’re almost there, too.  My hope is that once this weekend is consumed by the ticking clock that I will have put the final touches on it and will be able to devote a couple hours each night to refining some of the images I made last summer and making them available for sale.  I also have some administrative things I need to do with my new zip code before I can be fully functioning again.  Hoping to get that done in a week or so as well.

If all goes as planned, by the end of August I will be firing on nearly all cylinders again.  I’m still undecided about doing any art shows this Christmas.  Normally by this point in the calendar I would be prepped and ready to hit the kick-off events in September.  Obviously I’m not there yet.  But we’ll see.

It goes without saying that there will be no calendar this year.  Three days of shooting to date will not cut it.  The images I am reworking and/or creating now will be aimed towards next year’s calendar(s).

And I have a new camera on the way which I’m really excited about, too.

To quickly recap… I’m back in Texas.  I’m getting ready to start working again.  More to follow soon…

~ by Jim Miller on Monday, 18 July 2011.

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