New Image: Golden-fronted Woodpecker

© - Golden-fronted Woodpecker

This image of a male Golden-fronted Woodpecker (Melanerpes aurifrons) is now available for sale in the gallery.  If you are curious, the distinguishing mark between the male and the female Golden-fronted Woodpecker is that the females do not have the distinctive patch of red on the top of their head.

This species of woodpecker is very abundant in west Texas and I have been blessed to see quite a few during my time in San Angelo and elsewhere.  They are full of character, and their small bright patches of yellow and red make it reasonably easy to see.  They have a call that is so distinct that you can hear them from a good distance away.  The young Golden-fronted Woodpeckers are funny to watch as they are still trying to learn what it is that they are supposed to peck into to look for food, and the confused look they display when they peck into something metal (like a steel post or a deer feeder) is hilarious.

I have been lucky to make a couple of nice images of them, including this one, which has both been a source of a number of photographic awards as well as the source of an inside joke or two amongst friends and colleagues.

As with most of my images, this one is available in sizes up to 11×14.


~ by Jim Miller on Thursday, 28 January 2010.

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